Ezetary Art

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For the last several years, I have continually looked for a name brand for my art. I originally called it “Chad Farnes’s Art” or some variation of “Chad Farnes.” While I love my name, I wasn’t happy with it as a title for my art. Farnes is an uncommon name that most individuals are not familiar with and I am surprised by how often “Chad” gets confused with “Jack.”


I took a class on social psychology at the University of Utah. In the class, the professor stated that if you want something to stay in people’s minds, it needs to be sticky. I took that too literally and changed my art’s name to “Made to Stick,” a reference to tape art that I initially liked. However I quickly grew tired of the juvenile feeling name.


My big hang up was finding a name for my art that would not only reference tape art but any art that I would eventually create. I am interested in various forms of art, such as street art, metal welding, and stained glass. I didn’t want to limit my name to only tape art, but I was lost as to how to combine those other mediums into an interesting name.


Ultimately I wanted something that would be a combination of my English and Spanish/Basque roots. I thought of things like Estafeta (a reference to a street in Pamplona) and Rosco (my Great Grandfather’s name), but nothing seemed to stick. Finally I came across Ezetary. Ezetary is a play on the word for fern in Basque. Farnes means place of the fern, and it seemed like a perfect fusion of both sides that I find important. The word for fern in Basque is iratze. While I believe that a more common word for fern in Basque is actually garo, garo as the name of a website was already taken. I turned iratze around and changed the I to a Y, similar to what happened to my mother’s maiden name when her relatives came to America (it was changed from Yrizary to Irizary). Finally I added an extra E simply to make it easier to pronouce.

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