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I find that my hands don’t have that much patience. They are constantly fidgeting. I have a hard time holding them still. When I hang out with people, the though of sitting around is difficult for me to grasp. I feel the need to keep busy. That is why when people claim that I must have a lot of patience to complete my art work, I am confounded by the stark contrast between their beliefs and realty.


For the last four years, I have been creating tape art, and for the past two year I have been creating an image for every national park in the United States. When I tell people that I do tape art, generally I get inquisitive looks that say, “Why is a 29 year old man making prom dresses out of duct tape?” or “What color wallets do you make?” I don’t do dresses, not wallets, nor roses; I create images of places that call out to me.


The images are intricate. They consist of cutting little pieces and strips of tape and meticulously combining them until they create a mosaic of an image. They require painstaking dedication, concentration, and patience. Patience that normally I don’t posses. However, for some reason when it comes to sitting for hours hunched over a cutting board smeared with a kaleidoscope of colors of tape, I find it oddly soothing. It is rewarding in some strange way and that reward keeps me motivated to continue the art that I do.

  • Richard Irizary | Sep 13, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Chad, you are an amazing person, gifted in so many ways. Your art creations are beautiful and inspirational!! I have been sharing photos of your art creations with friends and all have been amazed!! I hope that you continue your tape art for many years to come. It’s like your heart and soul speaking out to the world.

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