My Process

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The next question that I get is, “How do you do it.” Here is a step-by-step guide to completing a tape art image:


  1. I first find a picture. There are a few different ways that I do this. The easiest is to search through my photos or my friends’ photos. Facebook makes this relatively easy. There are a few friends that I know that have wonderful photos and I regularly search through them to see if there is anything that calls to me.
  2. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements because I was too cheap to buy the full version. In Elements the filter is called “cutout” (I believe in Photoshop it is called “posterize”). This helps color block the image that I have chosen and helps me to pick the colors.
  3. Next I choose the colors and if needed I buy additional tape. The best store for buying duct tape is JoAnns. If I need to buy a more specialized tape, such as the North Carolina Tar Heel Duct Tape, I use or Amazon.
  4. I put the tape on a cutting board. I like using something more flexible, mostly because it makes the tape more manageable. I often have to cut the edges of the tape since it collects a lot of hair and other junk.
  5. Using a razor blade, I cut a piece to the length needed. After cutting it I stick it to the image.
  6. After finishing, I seal the image with some type of varnish. I generally prefer to use liquitex or EnviroTex Lite (generally I go to Michaels buy both of these).
  • Carol Osier | Jun 5, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Hello Chad, I find your creations interesting. From a distance, they look like a painting or photograph. Saw your work at Mt. Rushmore last fall (of 2016). The process must take a lot of patience. Good luck in your endeavors. Carol from Michigan

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